These e-learners stand by their decision

COVID-19 has changed the way many students view school, whether they like it or not. The virus has altered the vision of what school is like for a large portion of students, who are now attending school from the comfort of their own homes. Some students chose to, but others were forced to e-learn because of family members, who might be at a high risk to catch COVID-19.

“It was my choice because I didn’t want to risk getting exposed and possibly giving it to my parents,” junior Alex Spak said. “My parents are higher risk, so if I get it it could be really bad for my family, and it is much safer to stay home.”

Students who are higher risk, or have higher risk family members are usually forced to stay home, but some chose themselves. 

“My parents didn’t make me stay at home, but I thought it was a good idea to, but if I could choose again I would go back to regular school,” Spak said

Sophomore Alice Shi said she enjoys e-learning and stands by her choice to stay at home.

“It was my initial choice to do e-learning,” she said. “I do prefer e-learning because I get to work on my own time, but I think I would want to keep doing e-learning and come to school every once in a while so I can see all of my friends.

By Rylan Runske