Thespians gear up for weekend play

The infamous Tech Week has come upon the school’s theater troupe and it brings along another wave of stress for the actors and crew members. “The Comedy Murders of 1940” is scheduled for Friday and Saturday and last-minute costume adjustments and prop are being prepared for the show’s opening night.

“We stay at school very late, till 8 or 9 o’clock,” Gage Huff (10) said. “It’s the week of the show, so it’s our final time. We run through it with costumes and lights to get prepared for everything.”

Huff is one of the many actors that has felt the affect of Tech Week many times.

“It’s pretty stressful,” he said. “You have much less time to get things done. There is a lot resource management involved with homework. You have to think about when certain things are due, and you have to do them or finish the things that are more important.”

Roar staff report