Tests force TV students out of studio

TV productions classes relocate when the media center closes for multiple days of the week for end of course testing. Teacher Maria Sotolongo moves from classroom to classroom for each period, and with all the equipment still in the regular room, students are unable to film news episodes daily.

“I take class less seriously and I feel like it isn’t as structured as it is in the normal classroom,” sophomore Kailey Fairchild said.

Sophomore Casey Schauman said since the end of year is approaching, being out of the studio is not a big deal.

“Being kicked out of the classroom has not been a major impact on us,” Schauman said. “Mrs. Sotolongo continues to think of clever ways for us to stay busy from bell to bell.”

On the days that students get to be in the regular classroom, they work on their final exam projects which consist of news episodes that include information students need to know in order to prepare for the next school year.

“I’m so disappointed that this class is ending and filming the last episode will be sad,” sophomore Sabrina Fabbri said. “I wish I had enough electives to take it next year. It’s such a fun and informative class.”

Sophomore Kayla Stevens said making a closing news episode is a great way to end the year.

“I’m excited to finally be done with school, but TV productions has been fun and I’m happy that our final exam is making one last show,” Stevens said.

By Grace Alcock