Students reflect on standardized tests

As the school year draws to a close, standardized testing does as well. Students use various methods to prepare for standardized tests, and some say they don’t prepare at all.  Freshman Loren Nienajadlo took the ninth-grade FSA Reading and FSA Writing and said they were not difficult.

“They were actually pretty easy,” Nienajadlo said. “They were easy topics, and I mean, I’m not usually good in [reading and writing], but they were easy topics.”

Nienajadlo said that out of the two, the Reading FSA was harder.

“I’d say Reading was the most difficult because, [on] some of the questions,” he said, “there were two answers that seemed equally right.”

Nienajadlo said he did not study for the test.

“There’s not much to study,” he said.  “All you can really do is practice problems for it.”

Nienajadlo said he knew the information that would be on the test.

“I had a grasp on it really good,” Nienajadlo said. “The two seemingly equal answers was the hardest part.”

Freshman Albert Pont also took the FSA reading and writing, as well as the Geometry and Biology EOCs.  Pont said  his most difficult standardized test was the Geometry EOC.

“In my opinion, the Geometry EOC was the hardest for me,” Pont said.  “The content was difficult.”

But Pont said he did not study.

“If you do not know what you are doing and you take the test,” Pont said, “studying isn’t going to help much.”

By Ben Nielsen