Tennis tryouts signal start of season

For nearly nine months, freshman Nathan Foo has been preparing for Monday’s tennis team tryouts.

“Shortly after our season ended, I began practicing at least two hours every day to become a better player,” Foo said. “I even invited others from the team and it was great to see everyone improve and stay busy during Winter Break.”

Especially because of West Shore’s entrance into the Cape Coast Conference, Foo has remained focused on his goals for the upcoming season.

“It’s going to be really interesting to see what Cape Coast Conference has in store, but I have no doubt that the team can step up to the challenge,” Foo said. “A goal of mine for the season is to go undefeated and hopefully make it to states.”

Freshman Vaughn Addington expressed an eagerness to start competition.

“I’ve been practicing day in and day out, even in the cold, for this season and it’s finally here,” Addington said. “Hopefully, we get some new players to expand the team, some advice for them is to practice every day and don’t be afraid to talk to the older players if you need anything.”

By Leighton Johnson