Tennis players eye summer sessions

With the end of the school year just around the corner, some of the boys’ tennis players already have begun planning their summer routines.

“I am going to try and play with Nathan [Foo],” sophomore Hunter Scott said. “Because he hits the ball harder,  it will make me more prepared for harder competition.”

Scott isn’t the only one who is planning to practice during the summer.

“I will be playing at Kiwi, which is a tennis club,” Foo said. “The players there are really good and the coaches help push me to the next level so I get even better.”

With a position open in the varsity lineup, junior Alex Foroglou said he’s planning his summer to earn the spot.

“I really want to be in the lineup,” Foroglou said. “It will be my senior year, so it would be really cool if I got to play.”

By Maci Pekmezian