TEAL to drop off donations to local soup kitchen

TEAL has been collecting supplies for the homeless since October, and those supplies will be donated to the Daily Bread soup kitchen located near downtown Melbourne on Saturday.

“The big thing that we are doing this holiday season is we have collected toiletries and supplies for homeless people,” club sponsor Carrie Glass said. “We made little goody bags that we will take to some local shelters and soup kitchens so they can have things like shampoo and soap and socks and necessities that they probably couldn’t afford to buy.”

TEAL members have assembled more than 100 bags containing supplies and encouraging notes.

“We started the collection early so we could have time for all of [the supplies] to roll in,” sophomore Emily Lovelock said. “A lot of people [donated]. We put up posters for the students around campus. Mrs. Glass even talked about it at the faculty meetings, and she got a bunch of teachers donating stuff. We got multiple bags from teachers. We got some interesting items like cologne. We are donating it to a local shelter because we are trying to focus on our local community.”

By Dhanvi Patel