Teachers to take on extra class next year

Slashes in the school budget are making obvious dents in extracurricular funding, but very few realize the effect they will have in the classroom. Though still unofficial, teachers should expect to begin teaching six out of seven periods a day next year.

“It’s going to be very hard on the teachers,” Assistant Principal of Curriculum Jackie Ingratta said. “Essentially we’re increasing their workload by 20 percent, but not giving them any additional time.

This added responsibility will force teachers to plan their classes and grade papers on their own time, meaning students may expect to see fewer projects and extended work.

“Students are going to feel it,” Ingratta said. “Teachers might be a little more short tempered because they’re going to be tired and frustrated.”

Current protocol allows teachers to receive higher pay for teaching six of seven periods. Next year, however, this will not be the case.

“They’ll have to do the extra class without the extra pay. If they want [the extra money], they’ll have to teach seven out of seven.” Ingratta said.

While this new standard will take its toll on teachers, Ingratta says she thinks they will be understanding.

“No one I know gets into this profession for the money,” she said. “They love their students and love what they do.”

By Paula Kostro