Teachers make summer plans

As the school year wraps up, the main question buzzing around students is: “What are you doing this summer?” While some talk of chilling by the pool or watching 10-straight hours of Netflix, the focus tends to remain off of the teachers.

While some might think teachers spend all 12 months a year grading papers or plotting their next plan on how to ruin students’ lives, that’s anything but the case.

“I’m going to Spain.  Barcelona, Spain.”  Spanish teacher Luis Martin said.  “I have an apartment over there that I’m trying to sell this summer.”

While there, Martin plans to visit the Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic Church located in Barcelona that started being built in the 1900s and has hopes of finishing within the next 10 to 20 years.

Language arts teacher Adrienne Gent hopes to catch a quick trip on a catamaran heading straight for Cuba.

“I’m interested in looking at the historical aspects of Cuba but also the educational processes that are happening there and what kind of learning and growth they have with their limited resources,” Gent said.  “I’m curious just to see where their kids are at in comparison with ours.”

By Taylor Smith