Teacher Appreciation Week scheduled for April 24-28


Although being a teacher has never been an easy task, the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week — scheduled for April 24 through April 28 — is designed to remind instructors of their importance to their students and the school.

Teachers in recent years have seen more backlash than ever before, according to Principal Rick Fleming.

“In today’s environment that depicts education in bad ways, our teachers need to be celebrated more than ever,” he said.

Sophomore Laith Zavala said she’s excited to celebrate her teachers.

“I’m glad teachers are getting the respect they deserve,” she said. “They have a very intense work life and I believe this week of appreciation will help boost their morale.”

While the focus will be mostly on the teachers, the students still share a piece of the experience.

“It warms my heart to see the connectivity between the teachers and students here at West Shore,” Fleming said.

Much of how a student feels in school depends on their teachers, according to Zavala.

“I feel as if most of my teachers are almost like mentors in my life,” she said. They’re always there to help, even when I get in trouble.”

Nevertheless, the lessons taught by teachers — curricular or not — should always be appreciated.

“From the time I was in grade school, I always wanted to be a teacher because my teachers inspired, engaged and cared for me,” Fleming said, “They were the epitome of influence in my life, so I hold them to the highest regards.”

By Trey Hatter