Swimmers endure close shave

Members of the swim team had its annual pasta party, commonly known as the “shaving party,” on Oct. 17. They do this as a way to prepare for their district swim meet by removing leg hair in an attempt to decrease race times.

“We shave them before districts because, you know, if we didn’t do it the day before there would be more drag because it would all grow back,” junior Makayla Peterson said.

Typically, only swimmers who will be participating in the district meet go to this event, however any members of the team are welcome. Swimmers who attend mostly want to get in on some of the shaving action, and the girls usually shave the boys’ legs.

“We all meet at someone’s house, then eat as much food as we can and then we whip out the razors,” freshman Mitchell Walker said. “My shaving experience was good because I was eating a bread stick and the house we were at had a riverside view, so it was really relaxing.”

The event brings the teammates together outside of school as a way for some to end their swim season while others get themselves ready for districts.

“I like [the shaving party] because the food is good. I’m not a big fan of the shaving aspect because I want to quit halfway through it,” Peterson said. “At the pasta party, we’re just there for a good time.”

By Carly Peterson