Swim season nears an end

After losing ten seniors last year, the swimmers were forced to step up their game by participating in extra events.

“Depth means a lot for swim meets because the more people you have the more events you can swim, which in turn means more points, so the loss of ten seniors was definitely a big obstacle,” senior John Nevins said.

Senior captain Kayla Stevens rose to the occasion by beating both school and personal records. Stevens swam her personal best in the 200-meter freestyle at 1:56 against Heritage, dropping two and a half seconds. Stevens also claimed two school records: she beat the 200-meter individual medley record at 2:24, previously held by alumna Bernadette Murphy at 2:25, and the 100-meter backstroke at 1:08, previously held by senior Emily Dubec-Hunter at 1:09.

“Breaking both of my records against Viera and FAA [Florida Air Academy] was completely unexpected. I was sick the day of the meet and I had never swam the 100 back before, I was kind of thrown in on a whim. I was ecstatic when I found out that I had broken both the 200 IM [individual medley] and the 100 back[stroke] records,” Stevens said.

The next and last boys’ and girls’ swim meet will be held at Satellite on October 16 at 4 p.m.