Surf Service Club prepares for Year 2

The Surf Service Club started its first year with high hopes, but according to its founder, many of those expectations have not been realized.

“I feel like the first semester there were a lot of kids that were looking forward to it,” sophomore Nathan Johnson said. “But I think that we needed to have more interaction and do more outside-of-school things.”

The sophomore said he’s unhappy with the lack of support within the club from administration and the student body.

“I was a little disappointed that the school didn’t attempt to take it seriously,” Johnson said. “When I first had the idea, I asked for a surf team like what Melbourne High and Satellite have. [The other schools] ended up turning it into a club sport, then I just got turned into a club.”

Though the first year did not go as planned, Johnson already has ideas for improvement for next year. He is optimistic about the club’s future and expects it to remain as part of the official club offerings.

“I plan on trying to make the club more appealing to kids and make it more fun,” Johnson said. “I expect that there will be a lot more kids in it.”

Other members who plan on returning to the club next year also want to take a different route.

“Hopefully, we go on a field trip to the beach so we can go surf,” freshman Grant Fontaine said.

By Liam Wixted