Students work to balance school, jobs

Senior Noah Thomas says he’s finding it harder and harder to balance school work, sports, a social life and a job in his increasingly tight schedule and is beginning to wonder whether maintaining a job is practical while attending a college-prep high school.

“I might quit my work,” Thomas said. “The only reason I work is to make money, and I only have about two hours of free time after everything.”

According to a survey by Citigroup, 80 percent of students in the U.S. hold down at least a part-time job. The survey also found that those student work an average of 19 hours a week. Long work hours can directly affect students is schoolwork, study time and sleep schedule.

“I work around 25 hours each week,” Thomas said. “It’s a lot harder to turn in assignments on time. I have a lot missing.”

Eighth-grader Drew N., who runs a neighborhood landscaping business, has a more positive outlook when working.

“I do thoroughly enjoy my job, especially the result of my work,” he said. “I enjoy the feeling of satisfying my customers.”

Drew’s positive mentality is still affected by his job because the mix of schoolwork and landscaping has shrunk his free time.

“Landscaping has definitely affected my social life,” he said. “I have lost a lot of time to hang out with friends.”

By Noah Techoueyres

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last name on district-sponsored websites.