Student video battles bullying

Freshman Sarah Tanke, with the help of other students, made a video addressing the topic of bullying. Tanke came up with the idea of making an anti-bullying video after coming across a contest online.

“I heard about an anti-bullying video contest online, but I found out that the video had to be under one minute and I didn’t want to turn it in for the contest,” she said. “If I made the video only one minute, I feel that it wouldn’t have been as powerful, not to mention that the video’s music would have been very much cut off.”

The video, which Tanke uploaded to her Youtube, took two days worth of filming, came with some difficulties.

“Having the other students being filmed and keeping a straight face was difficult, it was a bit awkward at first,” she said. “Everyone was awesome about it, and they volunteered to help and play a part in the video.”

Freshman Sarah Arends said anti-bullying videos will help raise awareness.

“The video is important to help raise awareness of bullying and to show that the harm it does can be stopped,” she said. “Bullying is completely unnecessary and benefits no one. There are better ways to take out your emotions, rather than on people.”

Tanke holds a similar view.

“I want people to see that you can’t let other peoples insults or remarks define who you are,” she said. “You have to define yourself.”

The link to the video is or it can be found on Facebook

By Brianna Silvestre