Students struggle with BCC sign-up

Erika Dietl, Staff Writer

As the end of the school year approached, juniors took advantage of the opportunity to enroll at Brevard Community College for the early admissions program. While some encountered an easy admissions process, others underwent a more stressful route to signing up.

“It all started with miscommunication,” junior Taylor Morgan said. ” I was on the campus for five hours just trying to find certain people. I was sent all around the BCC campus to find people that seemed like they didn’t exist.”

Junior Paula Kostro also went through a similar struggle with the ongoing confusion about BCC admissions.

“We were supposed to turn the packets in during the month of April,” Kostro said. “My guidance counselor held on to my packet for a week, and then I realized the due date had passed.”

Despite the late turn in of the BCC applications, the issue of not being able to enroll full time at the community college was resolved.

“My guidance counselor ended up talking to a woman at BCC and worked out the issues,” Morgan said. “I’m glad that it all worked out in the end.”