Students reflect on recent math competition

West Shore has recently competed in the Florida Association of Mu Alpha Theta at Vero Beach High School. FAMAT is a math competition held between January and March that tests the mathematical abilities of school students and school “teams” on a wide range of math topics such as Algebra and Statistics. The competition scores based on team performance and individual performance.West Shore was pitted up against schools from throughout Brevard County in the regional competition. Overall West Shore placed fourth  overall with some teams and individual students excelling. The Geometry Team (Middle School) placed second overall in the regional with students such as Reilly A. placing first as an individual winner.

Pre-Calculus Team member Kishen Mitra, who placed ninth overall, said he was pleased with his performance given the difficulty of the competition.

“We do get our butts kicked a little bit,” Mitra said “We also do pretty well I mean like it really depends what region your in and what school is participating. Tthere are difficult questions and with the teams we don’t expect to do well but we get five or six of the questions. It’s not that big of a deal since it’s a regional competition, but I’m still happy I placed,”

Calculus Team member Viorel Silaghi, who placed 12th overall, said he was surprised by his performance.

“I think we did pretty well,” Silaghi said “Seeing that my only practice is the day before the test, I think that I did rather well and probably better than I expected though not enough to place for a trophy,”

The final FAMAT competition will be held Saturday at Seminole High School.

By Justin Ho


January FAMAT Regional Competition in Vero Beach HS

Sweepstakes (Over-all) – 4th place

Algebra 1 Team – 3rd place

Individual Winners: Vihaan P. 6th, Priya G.  14th

Geometry Team – 2nd (Middle School) & 5th (High School)

Individual Winners: Reilly A.1st, Sean R. 13th, Chris J. 14th

PreCalculus Team – 3rd

Individual Winners: Mircea Silaghi 2nd, Kishen Mitra 9th

Calculus Team – 4th

Individual Winners: Viorel Silaghi 12th, Nicholas Sutton 14th

Statistics Team – 4th