Students reflect on Congrès results

West Shore’s top French students took part in the annual French competition, Congrès de la Culture Française en Floride. Sophomores Loren Nienajadlo and Ben Nielsen reflect on how they felt after they performed during their competitions.

Sophomores Loren Nienajadlo, who participated in the reading contest, said he expected his test to be difficult.

“I expected it to be hard vocabulary for French 4’s,” he said. “I expected to answer off context clues.”

Despite feeling like Nienajadlo dominated his test, he said he was disappointed when he only earned a “Bon” ribbon, the second lowest ribbon possible.

“I was honestly shocked,” he said. “The test seemed easier, and I thought for sure I was going to get a higher award.”

Sophomore Ben Nielsen said he got the award he expected.

“My expectations for my event were pretty much the same as what I received,” he said. “I hoped to get an excellent or a superior. An excellent is what I ended up receiving. I’m happy with an excellent, but I could have prepared more to get a better score.”

By Michael Stewart