Students react to election results

With the results of the presidential election finally coming in early last Wednesday morning, the next school day was filled talk of the outcome. Whether it be debates in government classes or simply just chitchat in the lunchroom, that Wednesday morning was filled with students in every grade expressing their feelings on the election itself and President-elect Donald Trump.

Junior Kyle Canady shared mixed emotions.

“I’m happy,” Canady said, “but at the same time, I’m not. I absolutely didn’t want Hillary in the White House because of all the scandals and legal issues. However, Trump isn’t exactly the greatest person either. I think it’s pretty appalling that it came down to these two candidates for president.”

Junior Jessica Travis appeared slightly more upset about the outcome of the election.

“It’s stupid,” Travis said. “He’s literally said that he would start a war without a second thought, and I don’t think anybody takes him seriously. He’s not a good leader, he’s not a good role model, and I honestly just want him to stay out of trouble for the next four years and not dig America’s grave any deeper.”

By Daly Mann