Students ramp up studying for AP exams


With Advanced Placement exams starting on May 1, students and teachers have already begun working together to review and study. The exams usually take two to three hours to complete, with sections for multiple-choice and open-response questions that vary from course to course. 

“My class is an ongoing series of instruction and practice,” AP Capstone Research teacher Nancy Bramlett said.”We are practicing all three [free-response question] types and completing [multiple choice] practice.”

However, most of the students’ review is done without a teacher.

“So far, I have created a Quizlet with 340 review terms, completed the multiple choice part for a practice AP exam, and watched Heimler’s History videos for review,” AP World History freshman Elena Konicki said. “I definitely plan on also writing some practice essays.” 

While class materials may be the same, not all students use the same study methods. 

“I’m mainly studying with an AP World Princeton review book, reading old notes, and watching videos that recap the previous units in the class,” AP World History freshman Sarah McCray said. “It has definitely helped increase my memory on the subject and helped me refresh things I already knew.”

As we come to the final stretch of the school year, reviewing for exams and finals begins to take up more and more of students’ time, both in class and at home.

“At this point, students understand the material,” Bramlett said. “It is a question of answering prompts thoroughly and efficiently.”

By Emily Marshall