Students prepare for Envirothon

Envirothon, an annual environmental science competition, is scheduled to be held Friday. Fifteen current and past AP Environmental Science students are planning to participate.

“I did Envirothon last year, and I really enjoyed it,” junior Nick Etrick said. “Even though I’m no longer in APES, I still want to participate.”

Three teams of five members each are scheduled to compete in the events based on various environmental science topics.

“The questions they ask you for the events are really difficult, and they go above what you would learn in even an AP Environmental Science class,” junior Loryn Schopke said.

Schopke also participated in Envirothon last year.

“It’s an interesting day,” she said. “They give out free T-shirts and a lot of food, so that was fun.”

Junior Elena Abascal, who is participating in Envirothon for the first time, appears optimistic.

“I’m sure all of us will perform our best, and reflect West Shore well as a whole,” she said.

By David Anderson