Students clean up at Strawbridge art show

West Shore students took home the majority of the awards given at the recent Strawbridge League Art Show.

All participating young artists were asked to come and get their artworks by 8 p.m. this past Thursday evening, March 2 at the Strawbridge Art League Gallery across from Melbourne City Hall.

The awards were given out at 6 p.m. on Feb. 27 at the Strawbridge Art League Gallery.

Middle-schooler Hanna Sheinman was one of six winners in the Junior High/Middle School category.

In the Senior High Category, West Shore students won nine out of 11 awards. The winning students from this category were Christina Lawson, Regan Willner, Grace Bryant, James Crow, Christian Hayes, Brian McMillan, Emma Remonsellez-Conde, Sophia Bailey and Gillian Weaver.

Digital Art teacher James Finch encouraged all of his students to enter.

By Tyler McIntyre