Students change to e-learning after being quarantined

As COVID-19 spreads, some students have had to switch to e-learning for a few weeks after being exposed to the coronavirus.

“For me, I really like online learning but it is a little harder than in person because I can’t focus that well,” freshman Margarita Ho said. “I prefer going back to campus so I start focusing better in my classes and ask teachers for help when I need it. It is really hard to understand some things even after they explain it. Being there I can ask questions until I am satisfied with the answer.”

Other students also agree that they prefer in real life learning rather than e-learning

“In my opinion, e-learning is very different than in person. You have to turn things in digitally and it is difficult to do group projects,” sophomore Skye Kohler said. “After switching to online learning, I would prefer going back to school because I ask more questions, focus better, learn more and socialize more in person.”

Both students agree that e-learning is not as effective as going to campus.

“When I was in school, my grades were a little better than they are right now as an e-learner. I think being at school and learning the material in person was more effective than learning it online,” Ho said. “E-learning for me is temporary, so I’m excited to get back to campus, hopefully my grades start going up again.”

Getting used to e-learning seems like it is not as effective.

“I think communication and participation plays a very important part in learning,” Kohler said. “It can be very hard to do that from behind a screen and in an entirely different environment.”

By Nishna Patel