Students campaign for SAC positions

Eighth-graders Sonya F. and Jeremy G., freshmen Kaitlin Inganna and Talin Handa and sophomores Maya Burley and Vincent Guglietta have qualified as candidates to represent their respective grades on next year’s School Advisory Committee.

These students may submit their campaign posters to Athletic Director Bonnie Bettis for approval no later than Friday and campaigning will take place April 16 through April 20 with elections being held during homeroom April 23.

“In an effort to stay green, I ask that each grade level and each homeroom conduct the election by secret ‘show of hands’ with the homeroom teacher reporting the result to their respective grade level team leader,”  SAC club sponsor Sue Woyshner said.

Rising eighth grade does not have an SAC representative, only high school grades do. Rising seniors will hold their officer and SGA elections on a different schedule than this one.

“Leaders, if you could then forward the winners’ names to me I appreciate it,” Woyshner said.

By Jessica Blanco

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the use of middle-schoolers’ names on district websites.