Students begin picking classes for next year

Throughout the rest of February, students will be making important decisions as to what classes they will take next year. A guidance counselor will be coming to English classes to talk about courses offering for the next grade level. All schedule- planning will be completed by Feb. 25.

“When the guidance official comes to talk about the scheduling for next year, they will discuss the necessary graduation requirements and courses that are mandatory for each student to take, and dual-enrollment options,” guidance counselor Spero Tshontikidis said. “My advice that I would give to the students is to go talk to the teachers that teach the course that you are interested in to find out specific things about the class. If the student has further questions, they should talk to their guidance counselor.”

Sophomore Brandon Rabel said he follows a routine when registering for classes.

“The first thing I do before handing in my schedule is to go and talk to the teacher who teaches the course I am interested in,” Rabel said. “I find out what the average work load is, and look at the weekly assignments that are assigned in the class. The advantage of going and talking to the teacher is that you show the teacher that you care about the courses you take and it leaves a good impression on the teacher which is always good.”

By Stone Kershaw