Student-faculty volleyball game Tuesday

The student faculty volleyball game is scheduled for Tuesday during home room. Tickets are $2 and will be sold in the cafeteria.

“I’m playing in the game, and let me just say the students are going to totally dominate the teachers,” junior Kylie Wenger said. “We’re planning on having a lot of skillful players and definitely have sneaky strategies. The teachers have no chance.”

The game was changed from basketball to volleyball this year.

“We made the change for several reasons,” Assistant Principal for Facilities Jim Melia said. “One is that students go the game to see the teachers play. However, we’d end up having to recruit assistant coaches because of the lack of teachers, and students don’t know who they are. Also, volleyball seems safer and people seem to like it, but really we just needed more teachers.”

Faculty playing in the event include Melia, Greg Eller, Bonnie Bettis, Nicole Anagnostis, Steve Thomas, John Krehbiel, Kirk Murphy, Rick Fleming, Charles Landmesser, Mike Drake and Luis Martin.

The event is sponsored by National Honor Society  and profits will go toward a scholarship.