Student-athletes show little concern over changes

The school year’s unexpected changes significantly impacted students and teachers alike, and student-athletes were not an exception.

“The [changes] have done both [good and bad] to our student-athletes,” Athletic Director Tony Riopelle said. “For most of the kids [the block schedule] had made it a little bit easier for them because they could focus on their homework. They also only have four classes compared to seven.”

However, this wasn’t true for all student-athletes, according to Riopelle.

“The kids at home have it harder,” Riopelle said. “Just in general, e-learners have it harder because they don’t have that hands-on learning experience.”

Sophomore attack lacrosse player Ryan Herbruger said his routine hasn’t changed that much.

“The [changes] hadn’t really affected me or anyone in lacrosse really,” Herbruger said. “If anything, there’s just less stress about school work.”

Herbruger said his e-learning teammates aren’t complaining.

“Some e-learners I talk to had said that the changes didn’t have that great of an impact in terms of athletics,” he said. “Sometimes they arrive late, but the little amount of practice they miss doesn’t really matter.”

By Hendrickson Ha