Storm takes its toll on school work

The three days of school lost to Hurricane Matthew earlier this month have produced delayed stress for both teachers and their students, according to history teacher Kirk Murphy.

Forecasters predicted the hurricane to hit Brevard County as a Category 4 in the predawn hours of Oct. 7, but the storm jogged to the east around 2 a.m., sparing much the Melbourne area from disaster.

Murphy had scheduled a test in Advanced Placement World History that Friday, but his plan was interrupted by the cancellation of school.

“The hurricane put us a little behind, and I do not know if the makeup days will help us catch up fully,” he said.

Sophomore Cameron Yeutter expressed similar concerns.

“I did not have time to do all of my terms and questions over the break because I was forced to evacuate,” he said.  “I also had a shorter amount of time to finish when I got back due to cleaning my house.”

But Yeutter was able to find something positive out of the storm.

“The extra days off gave me more time to review parts of the chapter I wasn’t familiar with,” he said.

In the end, rescheduling assignments wasn’t Murphy’s primary concern.

“I saw the break was nice and definitely needed for students,” Murphy said. “But it was stressful to think about the safety of myself and others here at this school.”

By Cullen Yarbrough