Storm cuts into cross-country season

After being led by Austin Camps (first overall), and winning both the boys’ varsity and junior-varsity 5K races at the West Orange High school meet Oct. 1, the cross-country regular season will end up being cut short.

Due to Hurricane Matthew, the Sebastian River High School meet was cancelled, and will not be rescheduled.

This was the last scheduled race, so the season ended sooner than expected.

“Unfortunately, it was an abrupt way to end the season,” Coach Greg Hayes said. “However, most of our athletes were able to run personal best times at the West Orange meet, so it was a great way to finish.”

The team’s top 10 runners are now preparing for the postseason.

With many runners trying to push through injuries, the team hopes to reach states.

According to Christian Hayes, who has shin splints, ice, good rest after training and some pain medication before a race all help with the pain of running with an injury.

By Ben Pinfield