Standardized testing disrupts routine

As the year draws to a close, the hushed hallways combat the typical excited atmosphere as standardized testing takes over the school. Seventh- through 10th-grade students are setting aside their normal schedules to take on FCAT and End of Course exams.

“The testing schedules are relatively complicated,” Assistant Principal Jackie Ingratta said. “I have to get certain teachers to proctor, get certain teachers covered and make sure kids are taking the right exams.”

Students are rotating in morning and afternoon shifts throughout the various computer labs in order to cover the many exams. In an attempt to keep a quiet and ideal environment for these testers, the bells signaling the beginning and ending of classes have been turned off.

“The silent bell kind of throws off some of my classes,” junior Christine Sherry said. “Instead of paying attention, some kids are constantly watching the clock to make sure we stay on time.”

Though out of the ordinary and unsettling for many teachers, students and classes, the testing system serves as a reminder that school year is pumping out its final obstacles and requirements.

“It’s definitely difficult,” Ingratta said. “But it’s something we’ve got to do, and we’ll get through it.”

By Paula Kostro