Spring Break poses COVID-19 concerns


Olivia Thompson, Staff Writer

As Spring Break nears, concern about an influx of traveling during COVID-19 is rising. Junior Sarah Metzler called traveling during Spring Break is a personal choice. 

“If somebody would like to travel, go ahead because everyone has their own concerns about the virus,” Metzler said. “I feel that you should only travel if necessary and if you do, use all the necessary precautions.

Freshman Anna Vittitoe, on the other hand, said traveling is unnecessary and selfish. 

“I personally feel traveling during COVID is not necessary, “ Vittitoe said. “Even if someone uses seeing a family member that they haven’t seen in a long time as an excuse, it’s still not valid. I haven’t seen family in years that live across the ocean in a different country, but I still stay here and wait.” 

English teacher Kim Bracken said faculty members have the freedom to travel during the break. 

 “I feel that it is a personal choice whether someone decides to travel or not during the pandemic and I believe people should continue to have the freedom to make the best choices for themselves and their families,” Bracken said. “Whether you are staying in town or taking a trip, it is [still] important to protect yourself and others by following the CDC guidelines.” 

The major concern among students is the health and safety of others and the impact traveling has on everyone. 

“My father is high risk and if he gets COVID, he could lose his life due to lung problems,” Vittitoe said. “I would rather be bored at home than lose my father, [so] I am nervous to return after Spring Break with students traveling, especially when they can’t even wear a mask properly at school sometimes.”