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Volleyball players balance school work and athletics

Addyson Leathers

As sophomore and varsity volleyball player Keira Lee arrives at home after practice, she begins to stress about the homework waiting for her. Lee said it is difficult to balance her schoolwork with volleyball.

“It’s really hard because going to West Shore, you obviously have so much homework, and then I’m literally at school till 7 p.m., and I get home at 8 p.m., and then I have to do homework,”  Lee said. “It’s just a lot.”

Volleyball practices run for around two hours. On top of this, players are expected to maintain their grades throughout the season.

“I think it’s more of if you want to be there, then work hard and show it,” sophomore and varsity volleyball player Tala Rukab said. 

JV volleyball coach Sally Kempfer said she and the other head coaches see a problem with the balance between academics and athletics. Even though athletes are expected to be great students, bringing their all to practices and games is important, according to Kempfer. 

“Something that I’m proud of that myself and the other two coaches have incorporated was the study hall before games,” Kempfer said. “We do know that the academic rigor at West Shore is just so demanding.”

Freshman and JV volleyball player Reagan Hill said she has found ways to keep up with practices and assignments.

“After school, I go to practice, and then I go home and do my homework,” Hill said.  “It’s hard to keep it balanced, but it’s manageable.”

Kempfer said she realizes that her volleyball players have to stay on top of their homework.

“If girls need to leave a little bit early, we are typically very understanding,” Kempfer said. “They always try to show up because if you’re going to play a sport, that’s just how it is.”

By Luna Stieber

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