Varsity boys’ tennis starts the season with a 3–5 record

The boys’ varsity tennis season is in full swing after eight games and changes to the roster. 

“The team has changed since last year because we have a new coach and many players left the tennis program,” freshman Aiden Bausum said. “I’ve improved to where I can hold my own when playing against some of the people on the team now. I am confident in the team but not as confident as last year.”

The team’s former top-two ranked players Andy Yang and Longjie Zhao graduated in May.

“I am confident in the team, even with the loss of some of our best players because we have gotten our hard matches out of the way,” sophomore Giorgio Rotolo said. “After matches against Holy Trinity and Satellite, our schedule looks easy now. I am confident that the team can rally together and hopefully win some more games.”

The Wildcats will play Cocoa Beach on March 7 at 4:00 p.m.


By Tyler Lamb