Space Coast Crew heads to Sarasota on Saturday

The Space Coast Crew team will participate in the Sarasota Invitational will be on Saturday.

The 1,500 meter race is the first race away from Orlando, where most of the races take place. Some of the rowers will take a bus to Sarasota, while others plan to spend the night before the race to avoid driving.

“I am definitely having my parents take me the night before,” Satellite junior Katelynn Whittaker said. “I hear that a lot of the novices are taking the bus this year, but last year no one did. I guess it’s still weird to me to take the bus.”

Coach Ashley Sicard says taking the bus can be good for team bonding.

“I think that taking the bus is a good way for the entire team to be together and get pumped up before a race,” she said.

By Maddie Dimond