Seniors steamroll juniors 43-6 in Powderpuff

Carleigh Walter, Publisher

Ciera Misner scored four touchdowns to lead the seniors to a 43-6 beatdown of the juniors in the annual Powderpuff football game Thursday night. The point disparity was the largest in the game’s history and the victory pushed the team to a flawless record, coming on the heels of its upset win over the Class of 2012 in last year‘s contest.

The seniors received an early wake-up call after the juniors scored the first touchdown in the opening six minutes. The seniors roared back  back with an immediate touchdown by Ciera Misner, the senior who would  score three more times and be crowned MVP.

“We expected to win the toss and for the offense to come on first,” senior center Jackie Martin said. “The defense had to run in and take control at the very beginning. [The juniors’] few running plays slipped past us, but when the offense came on, we were ready to take charge and win it.”

Looking back, senior Coach Chuck Landmesser pointed to that score as the game’s turning point.

“The best thing the juniors did for us was score that first touchdown,” Landmesser said. “I noticed this look when the defense came back off the field. There’s this term, ‘getting-your-mind-right,’ and they had this look that just made you know that was not going to happen again.”

There was no holding back from either side, flags and players tumbling to the ground alike, with a crowd of more than 300 in attendance. The seniors racked up a 36-6 advantage at the end of the first half as Amanda Farthing scored on a throw from quarterback Jackie Sherry.

The seniors scored seven more point in the last 20-minute half that would follow the junior and senior senior boys’ cheerleading routines.

“After winning last year we were so stoked we won and that whole atmosphere we just knew ‘we have to win again,” Misner said. “Coming in as a senior with previous history, you know what its like to be on the field. It’s just cool to be able to be remembered for something like this.”