Rowers hope for better weather

Melek Turkmen, Staff Writer

Arriving from many different states and countries, rowers gather up for one of the largest regattas in the world. The Head of the Hooch, a largely anticipated event including a 5,000 meter course on the river, will be taking place this weekend on Nov. 6 through Nov. 8 at Chattanooga, TN.

Space coast crew takes their varsity crew team up to participate in the event every year. Friday will be a day for the contestants to see how the courses are and prepare for the next day. The most important day for the rowers is Saturday, where the rowers have the competitions.

“I went to Hooch the last two years, and I’m even more excited to go this year,” senior Tess Landis said. “The weather last year was stormy and rainy, [so] we didn’t even get to race. We’re hoping for better conditions this time.”

Several rowers from West Shore participate in the event making it a large bonding experience.

“I love how it’s an overnight regatta and how we have time to hang out with our team in between races,” sophomore Chloe Desantis said. “We’re all staying at the same hotel, but we’ve been told that our hotel is haunted. That should be interesting.”