Middle-school track eyes Feb. 15 start

Conditioning for middle-school track has begun and the first meet is scheduled for Feb. 15, according to Coach Greg Eller.

Coach Kirk Murphy said he hopes it’s not as cold as last year and that he’s looking forward to and all the new faces.

The coaches aren’t the only ones anticipating the new season. Eighth-grader Nadia Wanna joined track to spend time with friends and participate in events at different schools.

“I don’t even know which events I want to be in yet,” she said.

Eighth-grader Katy Morgan says she’s looking forward to leaving her seventh-period class early on meet days.

“I would like to participate in the 100-yard and 200-yard dash,” Morgan said. “Eller is my favorite coach because he is a tough cookie.”

Sophomore Jimmy Madden and junior Nick De La Hoz have been named team managers for the boys’ team.

By Ashanti Hernandez