Girls’ soccer rolls past Space Coast

Kishan Ghayal and Ben Lack

Junior Elena Barr scored twice while seniors Ezinne Chukwunenye and Luisa De La Hoz each netted once as the Lady Wildcats blew past the Vipers last night.

“The team looks pretty good,” junior Fallon Klenotich said. “We have a lot to work on shape-wise and transitioning as a group, but overall it doesn’t look too bad. When we get scored on, we work really hard to get a goal back, which is what has happened in the last couple games. Last night, it wasn’t until the second half when their player scored the first goal, and the after that it was like a domino effect, we just kept scoring and scoring.”

The girls travel to Monteverde tomorrow for a weekend clash with the Eagles, at 3 p.m.