Girls’ basketball defeats Edgewood at Senior Night tribute

All seniors on the girls’ varsity basketball team were recognized before playing their second to last home game against Edgewood on Wednesday.

“It’s a normal event that every sport has,” Coach Dave D’Esposito said.  “We have eight seniors this year, so preparing for the night was hard”.

All younger classmen on the team volunteered not to play so that the seniors could have more playing time as well as more recognition.

“I think that [younger classmen] not playing for us was really nice since there were so many seniors on the team, and I hope that they have people just as cool and awesome as them to make their Senior Night amazing as well,” senior Courtney Barney said.

The other players also decorated the gym and gave all the seniors gifts to show that they will be missed next year.  Marjorie Wagoner appreciated their work.

“Omg, I loved the sock pocket and everything else.  I love all that you guys did for me,” she said.

In addition, the girls beat Edgewood 53-28 with girls scoring more points than average and senior Kelly Fagan had her first double digit game with 10 points.

“It was whatever, you know, 10 points, double digits, diez puntos, however you want to say it, it’s no big deal really.  I’m just glad we all had fun,” she said.

By Victoria D’Esposito