Dance team welcomes Larson’s return

Stephanie Shaw, Staff Writer

Class of 2011 graduate Mikayla Larson is coming back to assistant coach the Purrfections dance team.  She will be helping the team overall but her main focus will be the junior varsity team. Larson will be in charge of cleaning routines, choreographing dances and being there when Coach April Shaw is away.

“I am coming back because I have strong ties to the program and I want to help new dancers have the experience of finding a family that I was lucky enough to have,” Larson said.  “I also want to prepare JV more and get them ready to move up to varsity by teaching them specific techniques that they will use in the future.”

Veterans who were Larson’s teammates back in the day were surprised to hear their old teammate come back.

“When Mikayla was on the team we always had a great time and we were so close as the team,” junior Erica Denni said. “She was always positive and a great role model, so having her back I feel will benefit the team tremendously.”