Canceled track meet causes angst

The track team’s plan to compete in a Feb. 26 meet at Heritage High School was canceled due to rain after only running one event: the 800 meter relay.

Junior Daniel Shelton was one of the runners who was unable to participate in the meet.

“This would’ve been only my second meet because I started running track later because of the conflict with the basketball team,” Shelton said. “I wish I had the opportunity to improve my time and get more familiar in running track again.”

He also felt some frustration due to the late cancellation.

“There was a high chance of rain and lightning throughout the day and they should have canceled it earlier rather than me driving all the way down there just for it to not happen at all and waste my time. I could’ve been doing homework or something,” he said. “But I can’t really do anything about it and I’m excited for this next meet. I want to run more than anything, and I want to win. ”

Sophomore Laith Rukab explained other problems with the meet being canceled.

“I was expecting them to cancel the meet, but our coaches told us to go anyways. I was hoping to get one of the events that I was doing at least which is the mile, but I didn’t even get to do that,” Rukab said. “I was kind of frustrated because it took me an hour to get there and some of us pay for gas so it is a waste of money and time.”

By Jonelle Plahuta