Boys’ lacrosse team falls to Melbourne Central Catholic on Tuesday

During the most recent boys’ lacrosse match, senior Spencer Lynes and freshman Brody Simmons both scored one point, but the team lost to Melbourne Central Catholic High School’s team 3-2 on Tuesday.

“We played well, especially our defense, and honestly, our teamwork has definitely improved as we play more games in the season ever since getting a new roster of teammates,“ sophomore Michael Carroll said.

Simmons and Lynes were the top scorers of this game, but Carroll and and freshman Collin Munro provided assists throughout the match.

“The defense played amazing, but our offense lacked that game,” freshman Treven Lynes said. “Our teamwork is gradually improving since the beginning of the year, and for us having a new team, winning a couple games is a win for me. I think our most valuable player was Michael, but Brody shined as well.”

This marks the sixth defeat in the boys’ season.

“I don’t think we will have a positive record by the end of the season, but all that matters is that we worked together as a team and are learning from each loss [and] we are celebrating and analyzing each win also,” Munro said. “I do hope to score once, as we are playing the team at the top of the scoreboard.”

The Wildcats will travel to Holy Trinity on March 18 at 6 p.m.

“Whatever our record might be, our individual skill and knowledge is much more important,” Carroll said. “Even though we lost, the game was fun, and I hope we [play] even harder on Monday.” 


By Roshan Anil