Boys’ Lacrosse kicks off its season

Lacrosse season kicked off this Tuesday a little differently compared to previous seasons. Changes in coaching positions and the removal of the JV team generated a different vibe for the players. Former coach Chuck Landmesser stepped up to be the head coach of the varsity team, and the former head coach is now an assistant coach. The removal of the JV team was replaced with a new recreational league, available for 7th and 8th graders. This new recreational league will allow the middle schoolers to compete with other schools with kids of the same age; it will also enable them to play safely while learning about the game.

“I feel like the addition of the rec team was a good idea.,” junior Zach Bursk said. “It will allow for the coaches to focus more on the varsity team, helping us improve as a team. I feel like this year is our most prepared year. Participation was very high during conditioning, and multiple players have been doing summer and fall travel teams, helping to build on skill.”

Junior Ryan Ringrose also believes the changes made were beneficial.

“Officer Landmesser is an excellent coach and I think we have a really good chance of making it to districts,” he said.

The first game is February 7 against MCC at MCC.

By Ryan Patel