Berry hired to coach swim team

Kyle Berry, the former head coach of Astronaut High School, has been chosen to lead the Wildcats swim team following Donald Gornto’s recent resignation.

Berry said he chose West Shore because of the team’s reputation.

“The swimming community is small,” Berry said. “So you see teams quite often, and West Shore just stood out to me on the deck. I always said they seem like a great group of kids to coach. I also coach a decent amount of the team since they are on my club team.”

Sophomore Katelyn Owl said hiring Berry was a smart move.

“Kyle knows most of us,” Owl said. “He knows sets that will challenge us.”

Berry said he’s ready to make his mark on the school’s swim program.

“I want to create a team spirit of honoring teammates with respect and giving everything you have for your teammates,” Berry said.

By Ben Castillo