Speech and debate prepares for competitions

Members of the speech and debate club are picking their topics and preparing for upcoming competitions. Every Monday during Power Hour B, the club meets in club sponsor Jodie Capron’s room. 

Students can decide whether they want to compete alone or with a partner in competitions. Freshman Yogi Patel has decided he wants to work with a partner.

“Since it is my first year doing it, I would rather work with a partner,” Patel said.

After students pick a topic, they must conduct research to gain adequate understanding of their topic prior to the competitions.

“It’s a lot of work in and out of school to research a topic,” freshman Beau Couture said. “But I find the research to be fun and exciting.”

Patel said he wishes there was more time in school to do research rather than having to do it outside of school.

“I enjoy Speech and Debate a lot,” he said. “But I think you should only need to do work for school clubs in school. Not out of it.”

By Nicholas Miles