Spanish Honor Society to meet at deli

Opposed to just having the last meeting of the semester at school, the Spanish Honor Society is taking a trip to Jason’s Deli so that all the members can have a last get-together as well.

Alicia Ortiz, a new member of the Spanish Honor Society said she barely knows anyone.

“Since I am new I feel like this is just the perfect way to bond as a club,” Ortiz said. “And figure out how we can work together to have a successful year.”

A holiday gift exchange will be held at this meeting. Secretary Natalia Marmol decided that each member had to write down their favorite and least favorite things on a slip of paper, all of the slips were put in a box, and each person pulled out someone’s name.

“I would hate if a member got a present they didn’t like,” Marmol said. “Therefore I thought it was a good idea to find out what everyone would prefer as a gift. “

Sponsor Awilda Marti said she is excited for this get-together since she is a new sponsor, therefore she will get to know the members better as well.

“I think the Jason’s Deli meeting is a good idea, “Marti said. “Because everyone can get the chance to hang out, and it’s going to be really fun and festive what with the gift exchange and all.”

By Michelle Maldonado