Spanish Honor Society tightens rules

Members of Spanish Honor Society will be held more accountable this year, following a decision made at Friday’s after-school meeting. In previous years, the organization lacked important regulations, according to sponsor Awilda Marti. So, as a result, she and club officers have decided to change things up by making new rules.

“This year they [the members] must attend meetings and events, they have a certain number of permitted absences,” Marti said. “After that we have to sit down and talk, then we [Marti and the officers] decide if the person should be allowed to stay in the club.”

Last year, meetings were held only during club period, but because many members weren’t in the Spanish Honor Society club,  it was difficult to make progress on planned activities, club Secretary Natalia Marmol said.

“I like how the entire society meets every club Monday after school until 4:15,” she said. “And officers meet the Friday preceding this meeting in order to make preparations for meetings and events.”

Club Historian Shivani Laloo said the new rule doesn’t really impact her as an officer, though she believes it was needed.

“I feel that if we didn’t have this rule, many members wouldn’t attend all of the meetings,” she said. “The rule will make sure that everybody in the club does their job and part.”

Marti said she expects members to miss no more than three meetings and events unless the officers decide the member has a reasonable excuse.

“I understand that the school has a lot of activities,” she said. “But if you really want to be a part of the Spanish Honor Society, you need to commit, come to meetings and participate in activities.”

By Michelle Maldonado