Spanish Honor inductions on hold

The Spanish Honor Society’s induction plans have been put on hold. According to Secretary Natalia Marmol, the Spanish National Honor Society has placed restrictions on members before they can be inducted.

“We wanted to have the induction ceremony sooner,” Marmol said. “But these restrictions threw off our plans a little and were inconvenient.”

According to sponsor Awilda Marti, new inductees must submit their information to the Spanish National Honor Society so that they will have record of who will be inducted into the society.

“I will have to email them the list of names,” Marti said. “That’s the easy part, and then I have to wait for their permission so we [the club] can begin to finally plan our induction ceremony.”

According to President Christy Hernandez the school chapter cannot continue to prepare to the ceremony until the Spanish National Honor Society grants its approval.

“We have so much to do,” she said, “like preparing speeches from each of the officers and collecting materials, but we have to wait.”
By Michelle Maldonado