Space Coast Crew races at Double Dual

Space Coast Crew traveled to Jacksonville during the weekend to compete in the Double Dual Regatta, racing one team in the morning and one in the afternoon. The race was the first shirt race of the season in which the winner of the race receives the other team’s shirts.

Junior Emily Eastwood said the varsity eights did not perform as well as expected.

“The varsity eights did mediocre, losing to both Bolles and Episcopal,” Eastwood said ” All the other boats did great like women’s novice 8 and the frosh 8 won both of their races, so they got shirts, but we had to give away ours which was a bummer.”

Junior Moriah Padgett spoke on the  team as a whole.

“Think that the men’s team did super good, especially the men’s 3v, 4v, 5v guys. They won every single one of their races. I’m super proud of them.” Padgett said. “The 1v 2v guys did good too, however I know some of the guys in the 2v are bummed out because they lost by eight-tenths of a second. The women’s team did better than last year at this regatta. I think their new coaches really helping them out.”

Space Coast Crew will travel to Turkey lake this weekend to compete in the OARS Invitational Regatta.


By Alex Matta