Space Coast Crew has First Erg Race Downtown

This Friday night Space Coast Crew will be having their first erg race during Friday Fest. Rowers from the team will be erging outside in Downtown Melbourne. Third year rower, junior Claire Goffinet is hopeful of what it will do for the team.

“I like the idea of more advertising; I just hope people will want to join,” Goffinet said.”They just have to see how truly worthwhile rowing is, and simply learning how to erg isn’t even the start of it.”

The race is just to let people know about SCC, both their high school team and their Community Rowing program for adults.

“The purpose of the erg race is to let people know about SCC, either for the high school team or the Community Rowing Program so people will join, and SCC will grow and be more competitive,” Goffinet said.

By Evy Guerra